Trays - Desk organizers 

What started as a prompt from RenderWeekly, turned into something more. I decided to sell my 3D files of the 5 desk organizers I designed for the challenge. The trays can be printed out using a standard printer and PLA (or material of your choice, really). I am really exited for these trays, as they mark a new chapter in Designersvane's development as a design studio. The first product that I am selling. 

What can I use them for?

Storing your knick knacks you have lying around your desk, like card readers, dongles, pins, etc. Or the larger ones are good for storing pencils, markers etc.

Why are they so round?

The soft design of these organizers stand in contrast with the sharp corners of screens, and other electronics you might have on your desk. This is to create a more friendly environment. 

a 3D printed tray can easily store a few of your favorite pencils.

Printing out is easy : Download a 3D slicing software, like Cura, to help convert the .stl file to a file, that your 3D printer can read. Then copy that software from the computer to the 3D printer, and start the print. Depending on the size you have chosen, hours later a print will be ready in the color and material you have chosen yourself. It's that simple.

I have chosen to only make 25 sales of this series, making it a limited run. I have done this for two reasons: 

1. I wanted to test the waters, so to speak. Is there an interest in this type of sale at all, where a digital file is bought an can be used for personal use? 

2. I didn't want this product to be a commodity too quickly. I have plans for other types of products for this type of sale. 

Storing a few creative tools. 

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