Who I Am

An industrial designer, a father of two and a husband. I live in the heart of Denmark, on Funen, in a small town called Ringe. I have been working in the creative field since 2006. Started off as a development engineer, designing hearing aids at one of the leading companies in the world, Oticon. After a couple of years I moved on, and took a master in Industrial Design at the Danish Design School. Since 2011 I have worked at companies like Cisco, Coloplast and GN Hearing as a full time in-house designer.

In 2022 I have been fortunate enough to begin a new chapter in my professional career. I started my own design studio, called Designersvane (Designer and Svane, the danish word for Swan, put together). 


What I Do

As an industrial designer with app. 10 years of experience, I do concept development, strategic design thinking, ideation, brainstorms etc.  I have a large set of tools at my disposal, like making things with my hands, and creating compelling visual material of concepts, from sketches to 3D renders.

But most importantly I work on creating a better world for every single one of us. I try to improve experiences that are sub-optimal to what I feel they can be. I work in the tangible experience field. I dabble a lot with the digital experience field as well. To me UX design is not only related to digital interfaces, but a general experience of a product or service.



Get in touch

Most of the work you see here, is conceptual. If you are interested in any of it, or just want to get in touch for collaboration or other, please reach out via this form.

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