Stund by Naerwear

A mindfullness device years in the making

I was contacted by a small upstart almost a year ago. The company Nearwear had a small mindfullness device they had been working on for a while, and they wanted to bring me in on the project to look at options for how such a device might look and feel. I worked on this project as an industrial designer, as well as a 3D visualizer.

Sketches were the natural first step in conceptualizing the device. Nearwear knew that they wanted a wristworn device, with a single interface, as well as a LEDs and vibration for feedback. I was told to think of how to attach a band, as well as how the interface might present itself in an intuitive and non obtrusive way.

Getting closer to final concept

Alternative wristbands

Face of Stund

After this, the company went into development mode, and a couple of months after, they asked me to have a look at some visuals that they needed for their Kickstarter campaign.

Adding motion to bring Stund to life.

A lot of those stills were developed further as micro-animations, to bring the watch more to life.

The Kickstarter will soon be live. Until then you can check out their own website for more information :

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