A second generation compact catheter for women

How can you improve on something that's already great?

In my work at Coloplast, I worked on the second generation of a compact catheter for women. The product had been on the market for a couple of years, and Coloplast had learned a great deal from this. I joined the project team when they had just settled on the overall concept. Marlene Corydon was design lead on the project, and Native Design supported the design effort in the beginning.

The product takes shape

My role in this project was clear. Initially I had to explore the shape of the product, to make sure we got the right balance between a good grip when twisting to open, a not to sharp shape, to avoid hurting hands while opening, and a triangular shape that would stay rested on a surface and not roll away. Lastly, the shape had to convey intuitively what was up and down on the product, so the end user would not flip it upside down when opening it.

Following it all the way

I was involved in the product all the way to launch, working closely with engineers and marketing to ensure we got the correct messages across to our end users, and that the final design did not change too much from the design intent. A lot of detail work was needed to ensure this.

A clear difference

Compact Eve launched in 2014. The product has won a few design awards, like Red Dot award- Best of the Best in 2015, IF gold award 2015 and the MDEA Gold Award 2015.

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