Fevr. An IR thermometer concept.

Friendly and intuitive.

The words not often associated with a thermometer. I sought to change this with this concept. By adding a friendly face that animates to the readout of the thermometer, Fevr will convey the temperature in a matter that focuses less on the actual number, but more on the wellbeing of the person.

Focus on the ease of use.

There's one button on Fevr. This button serves as the only interaction point. You aim the sensor at the user's forehead and press a button. The display will show a scan in progress and provide the viewer with a readout. 

I quickly went away from color, as it added complexity and an unnecessary focus on race and skin color.

Quick explorations in Illustrator to discover what an interface can convey.

Alternative explorations

Working with this concept, I explored a few directions before settling on the chosen concept.

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