Desk Fan - concept

A personal challenge for Design Workout

Often times I get inspired by other creators on instagram. I want to see if I can replicate their rendering styles. In this project I designed a desk fan based on the grill of the mac pro. what if that pattern could be used for a desk fan? 

I worked in Solidworks 2020 for the modeling, and spent about 1 hour, doing it a couple of times to test out the best way to model it. Then I moved into Keyshot to apply materials and setting up the render views.

A simple plastic front covers the fan and the moter that is monted in the housing.

Looking at color options, because although green is nice, other colors are equally important.

Added a few more details before I thought about how it would look in an Apple white plastic and an aluminum front grill.

The Apple look.

Thank you for watching.

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