Alarm clock exploration

Shape exploration and honing surface modeling skills

Taking my time to explore the concept of an alarm clock and trying a few concepts to push the boundary a bit on what an alarm clock might be.

A simple shape of clock with focus on surface modeling.

Focus on making juxtaposition and adding a touch of nature for the sleep button.

An alarm clock you have to read to understand. But it gives you great advice.

more focus on the new Keyshot 9 fur feature. but a simple 3 button interface on the top, and a display lifted out in the front.

On the bottom a speaker is placed and a battery door.

An alarm clock with an interface where you push to set the alarm. Check out my instagram for a small animation.

This was intended as an alarm vibrating wrist band. soft to the touch. charged during the day in the charger.

This alarm clock has water ready for you when the alarm sounds.

In order for the alarm to stop, you have to drink the water and place the glass back onto the alarm clock base.

The alarm will stop and you have started hydrating yourself. Win Win.

An exercise in juxtaposition as well as interaction. The watch is contained inside the red part. Moving the red part will stop the alarm.

Ouch. In order to snooze or stop the alarm, you will have to press the cactus. This will definitely wake you up in the morning.

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